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Design And Make Your Own Mini Computer (Based on Propeller Chip) — Parallax Forums

Design And Make Your Own Mini Computer (Based on Propeller Chip)

HaiderHaider Posts: 6
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in this Thread i want to discuss With the other Members in this forum the problems that we will find it when while we Design and Make Custom Edition of
Mini Computer With 256 Color VGA Output

Like Pocket mini Computer 256 Color

please Visit


Picture to PMC That Run Color Basic

but We Will Make the Road Easy By USE
"Propeller Education Kit - 40-Pin DIP Version"
To Build The Computer On it

Please Visit This Page For
For More Info About
"Propeller Education Kit - 40-Pin DIP Version"



so lets begin

PMC = Pocket Mini Computer

What is Pocket Mini Computer

Please Visit this Official Website Page To know

and its Also Contain Photo And Video About PMC

This Video is Demo About PMC

please Watch it

and now you know PMC Consists of 2 part

1- P8X32A Propeller QuickStart
Please Visit this Link To See The Spec


2- VGA 256 Kit
it's A Custom PCB Designed By Jeff Ledger (A man Who Design PMC)


And This PCB Kit Contains Resistors & Capacitor & Holder pins & PS2 Adapter & VGA Adapter & MicroSD Slot Reader & Headphone audio connector

We Could Buy All This Components From
Also There is Difference Type and Model of MicroSD Module Kit

This Thread Have A Very Good Step With Photo To Show You How To assembly VGA 256 Kit (if you Did not know VGA 256 Kit Before please Visit The Link Below)


The Next Part of Thread in Next Post (Continue)
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