The Rubber Band Blaster-32, 10 rounds per second, instantly reloadable

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The Rubber Band Blaster-32 (RBB-32) is my latest project. It’s an idea that popped into my head one day while I was reminiscing about the arms race my friends and I had growing up building better and better rubber band blasters.
RBB Box Cover2.1 c.jpg

Arms race
It all started out innocently enough, a scrap of wood and a clothespin to hold the rubber band. But soon we added more and more clothespins until it was basically a 2x4 covered with clothespins. The next revolution was a trigger mechanism that allowed you to load 6 or 7 rubber bands and fire each one by pulling the trigger. Better, but we need more. The finial development was a Gatling style blaster with 12, 3 foot barrels that rotated while you pulled a crank handle and held 50-60 rubber bands. It had the volume, but it was heavy (~15lbs.), slow to reload, used special long rubber bands, and took about 40 hrs to build.

The Pandora of modern technology
Now, fast forward 20 years and mix in 3D printing. Suddenly the idea of a small, Gatling style blaster that shot normal rubber bands and was quick to build was possible. It's small size also meant that you could carry multiple barrels with you and instantly reload it by simply swapping barrels. No more time spent hiding and reloading, now you can stand tall and advance. You are the boss.

Revel in your joy
Take a look at the videos and imagine yourself as a kid, I don't think you'll be able to keep yourself from smiling. :)


RBB-32 Side only 2 c.jpg
Slanted with extras c.jpg
Barrels and RBB c.jpg
RBB on pile of RBs c.jpg

More information and to order:
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