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LED Light Strip - Individually Adressable



  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 10,193
    edited 2015-01-24 05:30
    JonnyMac wrote: »
    That wasn't a criticism on my part -- I really want to master Tachyon.

    I was recently in a discussion with a guy who builds movie props (for major blockbusters that you've probably seen). After setting him straight on what the Propeller is, he got very excited and at one point in our conversation mentioned it would be cool if he could program it in Forth. "You can!" I exclaimed, and told him the little I understand about Tachyon.

    The most humorous part of our conversation was when he told me in several cases he had to link three or four of his little PIC boards together, and it was a big headache. I responded with, "So you're not against multi-core, you'd rather just do it the hard way!" Thankfully, my jest elicited the laugh I had hoped for, and I think in future he will be using the Propeller. I designed a smallish (5cm x 5cm) version of my Propeller Platform that I'm hoping will strike his fancy.

    It's funny, I thought I had posted something about interacting with these LEDs but I couldn't remember where or what. Well I just did a search and found that I had started a thread about interacting with them and this is a post with a video of an array laid over the terminal screen so you can see what is happening as I type.
  • Hi Jonny,
    Thanks for all the great OBEX you made, using many of them.
    I'm using the obex you made for led strip WS2812B. Led strip is 5 meter long and has 300 Leds.
    I can control only 256 leds.
    I changed [MAX_PIXELS] to 300 and STRIP_LEN to 300, but still does not work.
    Does it have to do memory: long (256 Characters of 16 X 32 pixels)
    Any suggestion.
    Thanks in advance
  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,623
    edited 2019-09-21 04:41
    Please don't call me Jonny. It's Jon, JonnyMac, or don't bother me. :lol:

    Are you using my latest driver?

    This accommodates several LED types and the pixel buffer now resides in the main file instead of the object; this is more flexible and more efficient. The theoretical max strip length with the new driver is 1024 pixels. FTR, I have never run more than about 350 with any of my drivers -- you're going through a lot of current and the LED strip cannot carry it that far.

    Every pixel requires a long. In your top object you will declare an array of longs that is the number of pixels in your string. You pass a pointer to this array to the .start() method with a few other parameters and Bob is your uncle. Easy peasy.

    The ObEx file includes demo code.
  • Hi Jon,
    Sorry, I did not mean to upset you.
    I did not use the latest obex. I will check it.
    Thanks for replying.
  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 7,623
    edited 2019-10-17 22:17
    I guess the smile face icon failed....

    Anyway, have fun with the object, and feel free to ask for features/improvements. That's not a promise that I will add them, but if I agree that a requested feature is useful I will take the time to update the object. This object is in the state it's in because users found my original code useful and asked for features.
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