Sum of the Parts...

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Maybe no one here needs an AVR programmer/developer board, but at $6.52 (free ship from HK), this kit is worth it just for the price of the parts. Even if you toss the PCB, there is a ZIF socket and numerous connectors, headers, caps, crystal, switches, LEDs...

Heck, even just build the kit for soldering practice. .. :)


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    Awesome! Get out your welders - it supports the whole other 40 feet of the product line!

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    At first I thought the subject was the opening line from "The Corvair Owner's Creed"

    Super find, erco! Thanks for spending my lunch money for this week!!
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    Darn you!

    Add another dollar to my account.
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    mindrobots wrote: »
    At first I thought the subject was the opening line from "The Corvair Owner's Creed"!

    Sorry Rick. That would be "The Sum of All Fears". :)
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    bee_man wrote: »
    Add another dollar to my account.

    Please buy in pairs, as I have twins. :)
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    Or the prop can program for free! IIRC I posted the code to program an ATTiny85 & 84 in the obex.
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    Please buy in pairs, as I have twins.
    OK, I did. I will probably build one and then use the second for the parts.
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    Just opened mine. The pcb is top-notch quality!
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    And there are a ton of parts. I bought 2.
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    ZIF socket alone is $1.38+free shipping.
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    FYI, schematic is at

    And now the original seller has added a whopping dollar shipping charge (formerly free). Amanda and I prefer when prices go down, not up!
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    The seller notes, "In addition, to support the other 40 feet of the 51 series microcontroller..." Harrumph! I bought a programmer just last week on eBay that only did 35 feet, AND it cost $2 more.
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    So was the welding as easy as they claim?
    2 the oversized pad designed specifically for DIY enthusiasts, welding very easy!

    3 in the welding process requires attention to the light emitting diode (i.e., the LED lamps are more with two spare) and not overheating of the temperature sensitive components such as, faster, otherwise it will burn LED lights like. We ensure that all components, if any welding unsuccessful, debugging does not work, etc., does not provide replacement (due to the presence of welding technology), but the buyer pays shipping warranty.
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    Gotta be all China parts from this US seller. I'm not saying to throw away the Arduino, but even if you did, the remaining parts are still worth $43...

    Jeepers, all the legwork and tracking down parts is done for you. What fun is that?
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    It's got a FLAME SENSOR!! No wonder it has the "erco stamp of approval"!!

    This is kind of pricey, are you branching out to support classier clientele? Have the girls started talking about out-of-state schools?? :o)

    This would be tempting if I already hadn't bought myself several too many things as my "birthday present"!
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    I'm putting together some hardware kits to teach programming and robots for kid's camps, and I stumbled across that 'Duino starter kit. Hard to compete these days. Not much profit in open source.
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