How to connect Xbee module to 16x2 LCD display

In my project, I have to transmit the data from Xbee module( at receiver end) to a 16x2 LCD Display.
Can anyone tell me how to transmit the data? Does it requires any external Micro controllers? Is there any possibility that Xbee module can be directly connected to the display and text will be transmitted?


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    As long as you set up (configure) the xBee ahead of time using a PC or some kind of microcontroller, you could directly connect the xBee's receive data signal line to the display's input line. The display substitutes for the receive side of the microcontroller normally attached to the xBee.

    Have you looked at the "Getting Started with the xBee" text and coding examples? You can download it from here.
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    From PM:
    hello sir, thank you for your reply.

    We are using XBee USB adapter board to connect the Xbee module( sending end) to PC. We will send the data from PC to receiver end Xbee module.
    We need to display that on the LCD screen. As you said that we can directly connect the xbee module to display input.

    Could you please tell me about it clearly( about connector required, lcd display model, configuration)..

    First of all, you must read the "Getting Started with the xBee RF Modules" text. You will probably want a Parallax SIP adapter and an xBee USB adapter for the PC side. Parallax's Serial LCD should work. Make sure to read the documentation for it (from the webstore page). You'd simply connect +5V power and ground to the SIP adapter and display, then connect DOUT on the adapter to the serial input of the display (RX). You'll need to configure the xBee and display to use the same Baud. The "Getting Started" text discusses configuration of the xBees.
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    I have a problem with Connecting Parallax serial LCD display to Xbee module. Does it require Basic Stamp Board or any other devices to connect with Xbee module?
    Do we have an option to connect the Xbee module to LCD display without any intermediate devices like microcontroller, basic stamp?
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    It is against forum rules to post the same question in more than one forum or to post multiple threads with essentially the same topic. Please keep any postings on this subject in this thread.

    It's also a good idea to look at the advice given to you in response to your questions.
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