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Sayso Globord LED message board

DinodenDinoden Posts: 19
edited 2012-06-21 10:43 in General Discussion

I was wondering if anyone has hacked the audio input to the Sayso Globord to download messages to it for display.
I want to download messages for display from a PIC to the Globord. I believe the Globord takes an audio signal in for programming. I will have to convert the digital out of the PIC to analog.
Hopefully I will have enough resolution. I can do the programming my self but the problem is if anybody knows what the audio signal looks like. Different frequencies for different letters, duration of frequencies etc. Is it just like a digital code with 1kHz bursts etc?

If anybody has any knowledge it would be appriciated.



  • FranklinFranklin Posts: 4,747
    edited 2012-06-19 10:32
    Do you have any documentation to show us? Or at least a link.
  • lanternfishlanternfish Posts: 366
    edited 2012-06-19 19:58
    This one of those not so good ideas executed poorly. Here is a description of the device.

    It appears their website is now a site where "SaySo helps you find all the best local businesses. Use SaySo to find the best places recommended by local people from the community. Write your own reviews on places you love and help out others"
  • DinodenDinoden Posts: 19
    edited 2012-06-20 11:33
    Hi. Yeah. This is the problem. I scoured the web and found nothing. I bought this thing at a surplus store ($5) because it looked fun to play with.
    You can manually creat messages with the light pen so it is not totally just parts. All the manual says is that it uses audio technology to transfer data from your computer via their web site. As you said the web site is gone. Therefore I was wondering if any one has an idea on the audio signal details. I will do some more hacking my self starting with modulating different frequencies with different square waves. Try to create a 1kHz pulsating sine wave for maybe eight cycles maybe and see what happenes. I aware it could be more complicated like start / stop bits /character bits / write command etc. in the audio data. Just a guess and to start somewhere. Iam thinking it should be like SPI with audio frequencies. I wll chect to see what IC's are in side. I know the controller is a pic. I can pull data sheets on the other IC's. Or it could just be PWM. This is audio as well. Well, I will do some more work. Thanks All.
  • FranklinFranklin Posts: 4,747
    edited 2012-06-20 20:49
    I think what they were doing was taking an audio file and converting it with speech to text on their computers and outputting the code to the display. I doubt the display is doing any of the work.
  • DinodenDinoden Posts: 19
    edited 2012-06-21 10:43
    I believe the display is doing the work because the PC is used for an easier way to download messages to it then using the light pen. Once the message is downloaded the display can be disconnected and used.
  • I'm trying to program messages to my Sayso Globord. I have it in scrolling mode. how do I program more than one screen?
  • ercoerco Posts: 20,240
    Kilroy: Glad you're here!

    Be aware that this thread is 4 years old, other posters may be long gone.
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