PID Demo

ReinhardReinhard Posts: 384
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this is a summary from my other thread ( the levitron project)

I post here extra in the GCC forum, because if any want, feel free to use it as another demo,
what can do with propgcc and a single cog.

the attachment include:
software with MIT licence
demo video
electronic schematic



  • jazzedjazzed Posts: 11,803
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    NIce work Reinhard. You're video looks good!
  • ReinhardReinhard Posts: 384
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    Thank you Steve.
    I give the compliment forward to all people the are involved in the propgcc development.
    This is the good job,

    You are on the right way with propgcc !

  • KyeKye Posts: 2,200
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    That's pretty cool! Nice job.
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