Simple Loopback setup not working.

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Hey guys, this is probably a really lame question, but I am embarrassingly new to all of this.

I recently purchased a couple of XBee modules (
with the appropriate adapter boards.

I am just getting started in trying to figure out how to work with them and I can't get very far. I bought the "Getting Started with XBee RF Modules" book to help me learn about them. I have set up on my propeller breadboard an XBee module with a serial pass through code I copied out of the book. I attached a word document with the code in it.


I have the XBee chip set up on the propeller breadboard and when I connect a battery the LED I connected for power indicator lights up. I have attached an image of the setup here.


When I am in the X-CTU software I can a positive connection when I test it. But when I go to the terminal and start typing there is not response text.

I also have the loopback XBee module setup on the same breadboard on the opposite side (I don't know if that is the issue). I have also attached a picture of that setup. And when I connect a battery I get my power LED to light up here as well.


I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but I am sure it is probably something simple. Any help would be great.



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