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Cluso's new Propeller stackable and pluggable boards (MultiProps too) - Page 2 — Parallax Forums

Cluso's new Propeller stackable and pluggable boards (MultiProps too)



  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,934
    edited 2013-09-18 19:32
    My pleasure. I am in it for the fun!
    BTW Forgot the xtal and socket pins so I have updated the previous post. Of course you will need to connect the two boards together. I use 4 @ 1x9 Female socket with long pins (stackable headers) but you can permanently join with normal male pins of course.
    I can supply the stackable headers if you want - by unregistered mail takes ~10-14 days from Oz ($1 per set of 4 @ 1x9 stackable + post $3)

    What I do with the CpuBlade is solder 4 @ 1x9 male pin headers using a trick - I solder the reverse side of the pins and then remove the plastic mounting material from the pins which leaves the pins sticking out both sides of the pcb. Then you can attach to both sides of the board.

    When you solder the SRAM, it is best to put the pin sockets at each end of the IC first because the position is critical.
    Note that when you solder the MemBlade, make sure that AT LEAST the pins on P18-P23 do not protrude above the pcb (i.e. cut them first slightly below the pcb edge so the solder goes into the hole). Otherwise, you will not be able to plug the microSD card in/out of its socket!
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