Booting the Prop from low voltages, 1 of 3: Single Solar Cell @ 0.56V



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    Here's the LTC3105 v2 breakout PCB up at OSHPARK

    The idea with this board is it breaks out all 12 of the LTC3105 pins for breadboarding and prototyping, which is good for experimenting with different passive resistor values etc. Once known the SMD passives can be loaded onto the board. For final installation it offers "7805" compatibility via the 3 through hole pins at right.

    Here's some guidance of the pins and passive functions

    1299 x 431 - 59K
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    Hi Tubular,
    how much amperage the solar cell is able to produce at 3.3v?
    Is it possible to push until 5v?
    Thanks for your help
  • Yes you can push to 5V output

    I think you mean to ask "how much output can you produce at 5V?" See the graph under the circuit diagram on this page

    The green line on that graph indicates you might be able to get about
    - 25mA from a single cell (provided it can source enough current)
    - 60mA from a couple of cells in series

    Maybe more, I found it a rewarding chip to experiment with.

    Good luck!...
  • Thank you Tubular! I feel ashamed to said I was hoping to get around 1/200mA. I have a cell 0.6v 3w and I suppose the only way to use it is cutting in pieces to increase voltage. But I suppose decreasing quality overall.

    Thanks again
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