Weather Proof ultrasonic Sensor

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Has anyone done any experimenting with Paralax's weather proof sensor? It looks like it is going to take a fairly high voltage to operate as a transmitter and I see nothing on the data sheet about it being used as a receiver. The max voltage appears to be 140p-p. What is the minimum? I would like to see this in an anemometer application but it would be interesting to know just what it would take to drive it and how well it works as a receiver.


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    Figure one in the data sheet, simulation test circuit, shows it used as a transceiver. The op-amp for reception is isolated from the high transmission voltage by a resistor and clamp diodes.

    Minimum voltage? No, I don't think so. You can drive it directly from +/- 5 V, lower power output. I don't see that Parallax is selling the transformer that is mentioned in that schematic, and it may be hard to come by. Note that the transformer has variable inductance secondary. That is so that it can be operated at resonance with the individual transducer. There are other ways to get a higher voltage burst.
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    Does Parallax sell a waterproof ultrasonic sensor module? One that includes the board to drive the sensors?
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    No, Parallax does not sell a waterproof ultrasonic sensor module. There was one under development some time ago, but it was never brought to production. There was a thread some time ago on the subject that I believe discussed some of the issues involved, but I don't have a link to it. There was a picture of one of the prototypes and it looked very nice.
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    We have used many of your ultrasonic sensors for some commercial applications to detect trailer empty/full ( There are many $400 ultrasonic sensors out there for tank level monitoring but they are too expensive in the thousands for our customers. Imagine a 40 gallon tank with an ultrasonic sensor in the top measuring fluid level. Fluid will slosh around in the tanks and soak the Ping sensor. Has anybody succeeded in using your Ping 28015 in a plastic box? Maybe glue the sensor to the box or use one of your ultrasonic water resistant sensors. Do you have anything that will work for fluid level in tanks? We have plenty of electronics skills if you point us in the right direction.
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    The ultrasonic sensor isn't a very good fit here, and Parallax still does not have a waterproof version. Maxbotix does have some IP67 ultrasonic sensors, but they do cost more:

    A better fit might be eTape liquid level sensors. You could probably get a bulk discount too:

    You could also use a water pressure sensor to measure the pressure at the bottom of the tank. There's lots of different sensors on the market for that.
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