Retronitus - Noise from the past!



  • And here's the other Spintris one rendered:

    One may also find source for both of these on GitLab...
  • Nice tune! I like the claps too.

  • Here's another original tune:

    "Stepping through a dusty archway into halls unseen for centuries..."

    I whipped this tune up pretty quick, so it's not perfect, but I've been doing this long enough to know that trying to fiddle it to perfection doesn't work and is a waste of time, so say it with me: **Ehhhh**....

    As always, source is on GitLab.

  • PublisonPublison Posts: 11,787
    edited 2020-10-23 - 21:30:59
    Stellar! !!
  • New tune time:

    "And so a journey begins..."

    There. A Field theme. It works and is long enough to not get old too quick. I took way too long to make this, mostly spent on fruitlessly trying to make new parts to make it longer/more varied.
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