How are you powering your Spinneret?

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I'm simply curious how folks are powering their Spinnerets.

Since my Spinneret is near my computer, I'm using 5v/Gnd from the computer's 3.5 connector to power the unit using the three pin connector.



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    I have one of the Power Supply Daughterboards plugged into the Spinneret:

    The power connections do not work directly with the Spinneret unless you modify the jumpers on the daughterboard. I was going to do that and then I got lazy.

    The power on the daughterboard is supplied to the 3-pin headers (e.g., for servos). I run a short jumper cable (with only two conductors, +V and GND) from one of those headers to the auxiliary serial header on the Spinneret (J6, next to the RJ45 jack).


    I knew this had been discussed before. There are more details on using the daughterboard here:
  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 21,670
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    Since I've got a different daughterboard plugged into the Spinneret, I power mine from a spare BOE via one of the servo ports and a cable going to the Spinneret's three-pin header.

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    Servo port and a re-purposed Motorola Phone charger

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    Servo port and wall-wart.
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    Waayyyy too many batteries! It looks like it's time to hook something up to the servo port.
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    I use 9-volt batteries also, and it does goes through them pretty quickly.
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    Stand-alone: Repurposed chordless phone walmart, it gets HOT.

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    I created "Power over other Pairs" See this thread of my Spinneret design contest entry. There is more detail in this blog post.

    It's not POE power over ethernet. It's power near to ethernet. I think that PNE or PNtEwould be a better name than Power over other Pairs for this project.

    I will be using a Parallax serial LCD that uses 5VDC 50ma with light on or 10ma light off and a Sensirion Temperature/Humidity Sensor 2.4 to 5.5 VDC 30 μW so I decided to power it with 5vdc on pins 2 and 3 of J6. As I understand it in this configuration 5v will be the signal level on J6 pin 1.

    Basically I plugged a DC wall wart into unused pairs in some CAT5 on one end and on the other terminated in a low profile box with a 5v regulator and filtering.

    I used the schematic for the Spinneret to select the filter caps. I'm doing 5v where the Spinneret schematic section is doing 3.3vdc. I'll appricate any comments on values.

    After reading a few entries in this thread I've decided that if I add the proposed addition I'll put the 3.3v regulator in series with the output of the 5v regulator rather than in the configuration shown.

    • Are the 10uf caps acceptable for the 5v regulator filtering?
    In this configuration supplying 5vdc regulated to pin 2 of J6
    • Can I run the serial LCD from pin 1 of J6?
    • Will the signal level be 5vdc on J1 pins 7 - 10?
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    Same as phil: BOE, extention cable, and 6V wall wart.
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