Interfacing the XBee Pro and the Propeller Servo Controller USB

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I'm new to the world of wireless communication and have run into some confusion trying to plan out a project I'm working on.
In this project I will need to control a robot. I was hoping to use the XBee Pro along with the propeller chip and the Propeller Servo Controller USB to control to robot.
The question I have is whether or not the propeller servo controller board will be able to communicate and take data directly from the XBee? Is it necessary to go from the XBee to the propeller chip and then the servo controller board?

Also, since this is a robot it will be necessary to control it using a control remote. Is it possible to connect a controller with a USB connection (like the PS3 controller) to the XBee? perhaps through the propeller chip?

Any help or direction would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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