XBee out of stock longer? Now back in stock

Roger LeeRoger Lee Posts: 339
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Been shopping for the XBee 1mW Wire Antenna. (item code 32405)

If I'm not mistaken I saw an expected ship date of Nov. 2

Not seeing a date now, just out of stock.

Hope they are still in the pipeline.


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  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 6,185
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    Hey Roger,

    This is also of concern to me. The reason that no date is shown is because the expected delivery date to Parallax from the supplier (Digi) has passed, so they're now late with their delivery. The code between our web site and business software simply says "Out of Stock" with no delivery date if the projected in-stock date is in the past.

    To answer your question take a look at these snapshots from our internal biz management tools:


    We have 133 units on backorder by our customers and 600 units on order to arrive as shown below:


    So, they should have arrived today. After we receive 300 units we'll ship 133 units and the remaining 166 units (300-133) will be in stock until the next order arrives January 3, 2011.

    Two things to do - you should get your on-line order placed so you can get into the queue, even of we don't have them in stock. And I'll have our Purchasing Manager "pull in" the January 3, 2011 shipment to ASAP (!) since we're obviously not projecting enough units of supply.

    Welcome to my world. How else can I help?


    Ken Gracey
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  • Roger LeeRoger Lee Posts: 339
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    I'm sure you know I don't need all the inside info, but thanks.

    Since they are now in stock, perhaps I jumped too quickly.


  • Roger LeeRoger Lee Posts: 339
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    Order placed. Waiting begins again.
    Parallax toy store is great.

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