XBee Tutorial - Chapter 1 Draft "Introduction" and "Networking & XBee Overview"

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Hi All,

As Ken promised, we will be releasing draft chapters of "Getting Started with XBee RF Modules - A Tutorial for BASIC Stamp and Propeller Microcontrollers" by Martin Hebel and George Bricker periodically in this forum. I'll make a new thread for each chapter.

These are DRAFT chapters, so you may find hand-drawn sketches and schematics, typos,errors, omissions, etc. We welcome your sharp eyes and feedback!

Attached is the Introduction and Chapter 1: Networking & XBee Overview. The PDF is enabled for comments in Adobe Reader. Feel free to email me at editor@parallax.com as you find errata.

(I have a very early TOC, which I did not include in this post, but I will ask Martin for an updated TOC and post that as well as soon as it is available.)

An index to all of the chapter draft posts is included in the Wireless Index stickly thread.

Thanks much,

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