Siemens Sonar-Bero Ultrasonic Sensor w/ remote head for trade

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Hi all, I have a nifty ultrasonic sensor that i was once gonna use for a bot project, but have decided not to. So i thought someone here may have a use for it. It is a Siemens Sonar-Bero ultrasonic proximity switch. it operates on 24vdc has a 4 pin quick connect. the sensor plugs into one side of the control head, the 4 pin on the other side. the sensor may be used without the control head to act as a sensor, but i have no info on the requirements for the sensor to operate and basically lost intrest in probing it to find out. This sensor was used on some warehouse rack robots that moved pallets on racks, detected when close to the next pallet and slowed the bot down then stopped at the appropriate distance. there are two adjustments on the control head for distance on and distance off.

I would like to trade for two or more·hb-25 motor controllers·but will·consider any parallax product, let me know what you have. I have seen these on ebay for anywhere from $100-$200, but i ain't greedy!

Here is the part number:

Here is a PDF for it:


I have just the sensor and control head, i have lost the two jam mounting nuts and the box, but this unit is brand new, never used, and as you can see it has pinouts and adjustment data on the label.

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