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I just plugged in a transformer that I remembered when it was too late that I should have gotten rid of it along time ago. Thought I had. It was WAY OVER 12 V, like 18 V. Anyhow when I turned the on the Propeller Professional Development Board....................

I don't really think C1 is suppose to light up & glow in the dark along with making popping noise....................·shocked.gif

Yes there was a few choice words involved. Esp since I don't have the cash to replace my board,

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT No fear, tis only a flesh wound. I cut C1 off of the board & applied my other transformer....... & We still work just fine.·smile.gif


I wanted to put a transformer on my grandma's pc too, so I can use it down here as well as mine, but I'll have top buy one.

What specs are C1 on the PPDB? I know its a non-polarized 10 uf Cap, but what size/type was the chip so I can replace it?


I'm going insaine. It's SOOOOOO much fun. lol
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    I blew my board immediately after I received it for the same reason. My advice is not to replace the cap with the same thing. If I remember right, that fist 5 volt regulator could handle some voltage, so I put a much bigger (non-surface mount) capacitor in its place. I think the original capacitor was only rated for 16volts (but I don't remember how I know /think that).
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