Quad/Hexa-Copter using Propeller, Gyros, Accelerometers, Compass, Pressure & GP

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AIM: To build a QuadCopter or HexaCopter using Propeller(s)·to assist·Remote Controlled Flight for beginners.

Latest Specifications for the Electronics·PCB (25Apr2010) Latest Specifications for the·Quad/HexaCopter (25Apr2010)
  • Frame
    • Suggested to use 10.5x10.5mm carbon fibre frame (to be tested)
    • Suggested center support by two pcbs
  • Brushless outrunner motors (see thread)
  • Propellor blades (see thread)
  • ESC's (see thread)
  • LiPo Battery (see thread)
  • Charger (see thread)
  • Battery monitor (see thread)
  • Other optional items
    • Motor mounts
    • Prop savers
    • Wiring
    • Servo cables (from RC receiver to electronics pcb)
  • Radio Control Gear (user to decide)
    • I have a Spektrum DX6i

Original Post

I have been getting ready for my next project... Well one that has been on the backburner since I got involved with Z80 emulation. And no, I am not giving·that up either smilewinkgrin.gif

I was in the process of building a Flying Wing when I found the Propeller Chip. Since then, I have become quite interested in Quad and Hex Copters after I saw Jason Dory's thread http://forums.parallax.com/showthread.php?p=757602

I have been looking at various ICs to interface to the prop to control the flight to make it easier for me to fly these things. I never did master the RC Airplane I used to launch... You see, I never made a successful landing, but I sure mastered the art of building and repair cry.gif

The chips that seem to do what I want are...
  • Gyro Pitch & Roll LPR530AL $8.90
  • Gyro Yaw········· LY530AL· $8.90
  • ADC micro (Atmega328/PIC18F2xJ50/MC9S08xx for above)
  • Gyro 3 axis L3G4200D (new part) $??? I2C
  • Accelerometer 3 axis ADXL345· $6.16 I2C
  • Compass 3 axis HMC5843········ $19.20 I2C
  • SMD085 (Bosch) 60-115kPa Pressure Sensor $8.97 or
  • BMP085 (Bosch) 300-1100hPa Pressure & Temperature Sensor $8.97 I2C
  • SCP-1000-D01· 30-120kPa Pressor Sensor··· $29.73
  • Ultrasonic Ping))) (optional - Parallax) $29.99 1-pin
  • GPS (undecided and for later) PMB-248 or PMB-648 (optional - Parallax) $24.99/$34.99 Serial

Some of you may note that the 9DOF module from Sparkfun contains the first 4 Items and an Atmega 186 or 328 for $125. However, I want a prop!

The Accelerometer, Compass, Pressure & Temperature·are I2C interface, so are easy. The SCP-1000-D01 is SPI and·likewise easy.

The Gyros and SMD085 are analog and require ADC. Can I and do I use the prop or place a cheap chip in between for the conversion ???· More investigation needed.

The other requirement is the interface between these sensors, the RC unit, and the motors. I think I will use a second prop here (you know I believe in multiple props so this should come as no surprise). I am thinking of whether to use existing ESC's or roll my own MosFet design. I rather like the flexibility of my own drivers using the prop to control them.

Currently I have a Tower Pro 2409GS-18T Outrunner and 25A BEC (ESC). I am not sure if this is up to the task yet. $19.95 from HobbyCity. I will require 4 of these. I also have a Spectrum DX6i RC unit.

Once I am happy with the design I will make the pcbs.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, comments, etc???

To whet your appetite, look at these Youtube videos..



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