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SUCCESS!!! Propeller uSD Datalogger in a micro package (Propmodule 1x1 and Para — Parallax Forums

SUCCESS!!! Propeller uSD Datalogger in a micro package (Propmodule 1x1 and Para

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This is still in the works but I have it far enough to post some pictures.....

For this year's Polar Bear Plunge (see link below my signature), I am remaking my "plungelogger" with a propeller. Last year's plungelogger was made with a BS2P40 and apart from the self-inflicted program error, it worked out great. However, since it was rather large for my pocket and power hungry, I started the new one.

It's based on a Propmodule 1x1 board and a Parallax uSD Card Adapter board. I modified the 1x1 board to make use of a 5 pin header where the 4 pin programming header would go. The 5th pin is connected with a jumper wire to VDD. Also, to make the adapter card sit diretly onto the 1x1 module, I cut the trace from P1 on the prop and tied that hole to VDD with a jumper wire. This allows the uSD card to piggyback the 1x1 module. I added two 2 pin headers on the end of the 1x1 which is where the SHT11 will attach. (P16 needs to be tied to ground, that mod will come later). I am also changing the uSD adapter over to some Samtec low profile headers so that the piggyback will be at minimal height. This will also allow the 1x1 module to be used for other projects without having to unsolder the uSD module.

to do list:
1. low profile headers
2. program validation
3. battery connection
4. waterproof enclosure
5. icewater test

Andrew Williams
WBA Consulting
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