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Can someone provide more detail about the NTSC/PAL output of this new scope?· For example, can it be used to·generate a NTSC pattern·for input into a FM transmitter and·then·compared to the video output of the reciever·on·the scope for receiver tuning?

I've checked the documentation and there appears to be very little information on what appears to be a quite capable product.· For example, what is the maximum frequency sine wave that can be generated with he included expanson card?· What are the specifications for the FFT mode.· Any additional information would be appreciated.



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    Mike, I will contact the best person to answer these questions for you.

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    I just got one of these myself and am also curious what I can do with the NTSC output. Does it produce a real-time trace like a conventional oscope display? (I would just hook up a TV set to see, except I don't have one!)
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    The TV/VGA out was added very late in the cycle. The current firmware uses all 8 cogs, without driving the TV. For now, if you really want to output something to the TV you'll have to do it yourself. The PropScope uses a Propeller running at 100MHz and the schematics are available on the Parallax site. What would people like to see?

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    What I would *most* like to see is software for the PropScope that runs natively on the Mac... smile.gif I am running it under VMware and while it works it often takes several seconds to display a changed signal. I'm not sure if that's all down to VMware or if that's just how the software works.

    That was the origin of my interest in the TV signal. I thought it might output something closer to a "real time" trace.
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