Maximum clock speed for the propeller

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I'm designing a very fast tracking system based on the propeller. For the moment I use 5MHz external crystal and x16 PLL. There are a lot of FP calculations and I would like to speed up the system.
What is the actual tested internal clock of the propeller? By the specification it looks like I can connect an 80MHz external crystal, set the clock mode to XTAL3 + x16PLL and theoretically get an internal clock of 1.28GHz. Is that correct and allowed for the propeller?
If the answer is yes, what is the impact on current consumption and heat dissipation of the chip, does it need cooling?



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    No. I think about 120MHz is the max without special cooling.

    I would recommend you try to eliminate as many floating point operations as possible by using integer or fixed point math instead.


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    Does that byte of memory hold "A", 65, $41 or %01000001 ?
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    Eyal, you can't push the prop nearly that fast. There are people regularly pushing 100 MHz with 6 MHz crystals and some claim to have pushed it to 120 MHz with cooling, but much beyond that neither the PLL nor the cog cores themselves will work at all.
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    i beleive the fastest people have goten it running at is 130Mhz or so.

    6.25 * 16 = 100Mhz has been shown to be very stable.

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    During the testing to develop the Propeller datasheet information, there were experiments made to test the maximum operating frequency of the Propeller at different temperatures and operating voltages. The results are given in the datasheet in graph form on page 31. Download it and have a look.
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