Prop Video Player (now with audio!)

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Just got a Propeller video player working!

Plays video on TV at 160x120 resolution and 30 fps with 22050 sample/second mono audio from SD card.

The audio is interleaved with the video data in a single file...

Uses the new fsrw 2.3 to get the required data rate.

Just converted the "Professor Propeller" video.· Only problem is that the file is really big...
I'll have to see what I can upload here...

Note that converting a video to the required format is a very painful, slow process using several Windows apps (including a Photoshop batch mode to process every frame).· If anybody wants to work on an automatic video file converter, I'd be happy to supply all the info!

Update:· I just uploaded a little video of it playing (MOV format in a zip file...)

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