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Propeller Resource Index

Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax EngineeringPosts: 14,406
edited 2018-08-06 13:44 in Propeller 1
Greetings everyone! To consolidate sticky threads and keep things more neat and tidy we're going to have thissticky thread where links to all relevant/useful information can be located. To that end if you would like to see something added please follow up in this thread with your comments and/or suggestionsand wewill try to keep this information up to date.

Getting Started:

Propeller Education Kit Labs, Tools, and Applications - Andy Lindsay
This is a collection of links to Propeller Education Kit labs and discussions.

Propeller GCC
This project is a GCC port for the Parallax Propeller P8x32a Microcontroller.

Assembly Code Examples for the Beginner - Many contributors
A collection of various Propeller assembly code examples and routines.

Machine Language Tutorial - deSilva
This link leads to a thread with a PDF file attachment.

Propeller Questions & Answers System
A helpful online system with many questions and corresponding answers.

View Archived Parallax Propeller Webinars
This is a collection of video clips from previous Propeller Webinars covering many important topics.

First Spin - What do you get when you combine an experienced programmer, a self taught programmer, and someone with zero experience programming? First Spin!
First Spin is meant for anyone interested in taking a closer look at how to program with the Propeller microcontroller in an unusually easy-to-understand podcast. This podcast assumes you have extremely little to no experience coding and maybe even little prior interest.
Documentation and Code:

Propeller Manual, Propeller Datasheet, Propeller Diagrams, Schematics and Images
A comprehensive page with all the media for the Propeller product line.

Propeller Object Exchange
The Propeller Object Exchange contains many source code objects for the Propeller microcontroller. They are created and submitted by Propeller customers as well as Parallax engineers for use by everyone in the community.

Propeller Application Notes
Get started programming the P8X32A Propeller Microcontroller with our user friendly application notes designed for professional projects and engineers in mind. Located under Downloads & Documentation.


Our entire offering of videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Parallax Video Library
A selection of videos featuring our robotics product line and a few videos of customer projects and experiments.


Propeller Tool Software
Includes software, source code, USB driver and Propeller Manual V1.01

Parallax Serial Terminal (Included in Propeller Tool Software)
A handy tool for communication with serial-based microcontrollers such as the Propeller. This software is used extensively by the Propeller Education Kit Labs.

ViewPort - Standard
ViewPort - Ultimate
ViewPort is the premier debugging environment for the Propeller. The tool combines an integrated debugger with powerful graphics that show you what's going on within the Propeller.

PASD - Propeller Assembly Sourcecode Debugger
An Assembly Sourcecode Debugger,it can be very useful for Assembly freaks to find bugs, but also for beginners to learn Assembly. Like Kaio's POD (Propeller OnChip Debugger), the PASD runs an Assembly program on the Propeller chip in real time, it is not a simulator. You can test your code with all the connected hardware for input and output.

C++ HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) for PropGCC; Robust build system using CMake; Instructions for Eclipse and JetBrain's CLion; Example projects; Doxygen documentation; Integrated Simple Library and libpropeller

Cross platform, free, and open source C/C++ IDE for Makers that brings powerful code editing and data visualization capabilities to your fingertips.

Open source collection of C++ Propeller GCC objects

bst- Brad Campbell
bst is a fairly complete Integrated Development Environment that aimsto be eventually comparable and compatible with the Parallax Propeller Tool. All tools available for Windows 32, Linux i386, Mac OS X and PowerPC.

Propalyzer - Steve (jazzed)

Provide a serial interface logic analyzer GUI for a Propeller running capture code.

Hardware Discussion (Forum Threads):
Current list of Propeller Boards (Parallax and 3rd Party)
What is your favorite Propeller Board?

Technical Considerations:

How to safely interface a 5V signal to the Propeller


HYDRA Projects Master List
A listing of projects using the HYDRA that have been posted to our forum

2009/10 Propeller Design Contest Winners
The winning projects of the 2009/10 Propeller Design Contest

2008 Propeller Design Contest Winners
Winning projects were based on originality, professionalism, appropriateness of the Propeller in the design and practicality/usefullness.

Why the Propeller Works - Chip Gracey
Chip Gracey explains why you should feel comfortable using the Propeller chip in your designs.

Propeller Tricks & Traps - Phil Pilgrim
This is meant to be an unofficial, open-ended, never-to-be-finished compendium of hints and gotchas discovered while learning how to use and program the Propeller.

Good Thread Index - Graham Stabler
A collection of useful links.

Best of Propeller Applications - OBC
A project listintendedfor those whoare those interested in microcomputer design/hobby, demonstration of capability.

Building Blocks to the Propeller Chip - Anthony Myatt

Propeller FAQ- Still in development
Two FAQ's that summarize the issues discussed and proposed solutions in this thread.

CadSoft Eagle EDA Propeller Library
Forum post that haslibrary files that can be used with Cadsoft Eagle EDA software


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