HELP with compass/ping)) code!!!

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Hey, I'm Matt and I'm relatively new to programming. I have a science fair coming up and I recently bought a Hitachi Compass Module to direct my robot in a certain direction. I was wondering if any of you have any ideas? My robot is similar to the boebot except the body of the robot is plexi-glass. It runs the Board of Education and a BS2 and it has two continuous rotation futaba servos for mobility.




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    Read the manual that comes with the compass, go to the parallax site on the compass sales page for examples and read the boe-bot book for more ideas.

    - Stephen
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    Most Parallax products have links to documentation and sample code on the webstore page for the product. The compass and PING have lots of links.
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    Thanks! I'll look into those tonight.
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    Hello Matt!

    In addition to product documentation, we also have a free download of out Smart Sensors and Applications text available from our site. Chapter 4 contains in depth information on how to calibrate and operate the Hitachi Compass Module. You can download the text at the link below:

    Smart Sensors and Applications Text

    Happy Developing!


    Jessica Uelmen
    Education Department
    Parallax, Inc.

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