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    @Lab Rat

    Follow a standard procedure:

    1. Make sure that there is sufficient battery voltage available. Even better, connect to a suitable power supply.
    2. Make sure that the BS2 is receiving adequate 5V
    3. Make sure that your programming connection (USB or serial) is correctly hooked up.
    4. Try downloading a simple program to your BS2 that consists of a DEBUG "Hello World!", CR
    5. Test each output pin with a pair of LEDs (one for source, one for sink).

    If it passes all these tests, your BS2 is good.
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    Somebody said...
    SOON TO COME: I2C and SPI defined...

    SOON has come come and gone, but I would still love a good read up on this subject.

    "A complex design is the sign of an inferior designer."
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    "When you make a thing, a thing that is new, it is so complicated making it that it is bound to be ugly. But those that make it after you, they don’t have to worry about making it. And they can make it pretty, and so everybody can like it when others make it after you."

    - Pablo Picasso
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