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Member Supported FAQ



  • SRLMSRLM Posts: 5,045
    edited 2009-07-13 04:12
    @Lab Rat

    Follow a standard procedure:

    1. Make sure that there is sufficient battery voltage available. Even better, connect to a suitable power supply.
    2. Make sure that the BS2 is receiving adequate 5V
    3. Make sure that your programming connection (USB or serial) is correctly hooked up.
    4. Try downloading a simple program to your BS2 that consists of a DEBUG "Hello World!", CR
    5. Test each output pin with a pair of LEDs (one for source, one for sink).

    If it passes all these tests, your BS2 is good.
  • iDaveiDave Posts: 252
    edited 2010-01-25 04:27
    Somebody said...
    SOON TO COME: I2C and SPI defined...

    SOON has come come and gone, but I would still love a good read up on this subject.

    "A complex design is the sign of an inferior designer."
  • ercoerco Posts: 20,253
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    Contact me if you believe this to be an error on my part.


    Hang on a minute- this is an oooooold post

  • ercoerco Posts: 20,253

    Not that old, just 8-1/2 years!

  • Did Parallax ever make any type of board (Education or other) that supported the 2P40?

    Thank you for any feed back,

  • Is there a way to single step through a new program with Basic Stamp Editor 2.5.4 to see where it's hanging up?


  • ercoerco Posts: 20,253

    @Daphyl01 said:
    Is there a way to single step through a new program with Basic Stamp Editor 2.5.4 to see where it's hanging up?


    Not really. Your best bet is to generously sprinkle DEBUG statements at key points throughout your program to determine where your program stopped.

  • Thank you for your reply. I had a feeling that was going to be the case. The problem is that I have been given a program to look at,
    (a little thinking game). It only has 10 lines in the program but has 9 GOSUBS (depending on the answer you chose) with about 20 or
    so lines per GOSUB. I've sprinkled lots of DEBUG "Starting Control Code Subroutine.", and DEBUG " Finished Control Code Subroutine", etc...
    for each subroutine in his program. The problem is that sometimes it will finish a GOSUB routine and other times it just sits there in the same
    subroutine after it starts and just locks up! He is using a BS2 so that's what I've plugged into my 'Board of Education REV. C' too. The program is
    doing the same thing with my BS2 as with his. I may try running the program with a 2E chip or something a little more Sophisticated to see what


  • ercoerco Posts: 20,253

    If program flow is bouncing between multiple subroutines, add a counter or two. Increment at each GOSUB and DEBUG that value too in order to get a better idea what's going on.

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