Eagle Cad Pad shapes

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How can I create this SMD IC pad shape in Eagle cad?
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    If you intend to have the pad be route-able, you have to use the pads that are included as your starting point, then you can add other top/bottom layer parts to it to enhance the shape. But, you can't cover the center of the main pad causing the router to not have access to the pad.

    Your design would require a rectangular surface type pad, then add a semi circle, and a few lines to connect the parts.

    You can modify this Eagle library shown below to fit the size you need.

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    Thank you very much for the file. I'am trying to re-create it. I'am a begineer with Eagle Cad, is what I've done so far right?
    1. From the Eagle Control Panel: New->Project
    2. Right Click the Project folder just created and select->New->Library
    3. View->Grid,·· Display=On,· Style=Lines,· Size= 0.5mm,· Multiple=1,· Alt=0.5mm " 0.5mm is the lead pitch of my IC "
    4. Library->Package,· Name the Package: my_horseshoe_pad->OK
    5. Draw->Smd
    6. Right Click·the pad->Properities->Smd Size=0.20 x 0.50· "Per data Sheet"
    7. Draw-> Arc, Width =0.001, Style=Flat, "Select before drawing: Layer 16 Bottom "
    8. Draw-> Wire, Bend=Square, Width=0.001, Style=Continuous
    9. Create a rectangle from one side of the arc to the other with the wire tool.
    Also the program seams to be locking up and won't let me select a pad. have you experienced this?

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    Have you tried the new Eagle Forum?
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    I am not really clear on what you have drawn, although you seem to have a grasp of the process.

    The basic steps in Eagle in my own experience is this:

    1. Open Control panel
    2. Create new library (or open existing library)
    3. Create a symbol for the new part(or copy a symbol if one exists already)
    4. Create a package(or copy a symbol if one exists already)
    5. Create a device. In the new device, select the symbol to use, then connect the pads
    6. You always need to Update All in the schematic or board for the new part to be available, this may include restarting Eagle in some cases.

    I am not sure why you cannot select a pad. You should load the pad I created for you into your LIB folder, then open the library and see how it is done. You can modify the part by changing the sizes as needed.
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    ·· I'am still having trouble with this, for the first step to create the symbol is this right?
    ·· 1. Open Control panel
    ···2. Create new library:
    ······ 2b) File-> New-> Library
    ·· 3. Create a symbol thats all on one layer:
    ······ 3a) Library-> Symbol
    ······ 3b) Enter the new symbol's name in the dialog box and click OK
    ······ 3c) Box opens that says: Warning create new symbol 'TEST1_SYMBOL'?
    ······ 3d) Click OK
    ··· 4. Use the drawing tools to create the shape:
    ·······4b) Draw-> Wire , Create a box
    ····5. Create pin:
    ·······5b) Draw-> Pin,· Settings: R0, NONE, MIDDLE, PIN

    At·this point the top of the sreen says:
    C:\Program Files\Eagle-5.3.0\lbr\untitled.lbr (TEST1_SYMBOL.SYM)
    ···· 6. File-> Save,·TEST1_SYMBOL· "it automatically assigns the .lbr file extension"

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    RickB, Yes I have posted on the Eagle Forums. I have three posts but none have been answered. their not too helpful in there. I managed to find this excellent set of Eagle video tutorials http://tangentsoft.net/elec/movies/·The site was down the last I checked but I have downloaded the tutorials so if the the site is gone I can post the vids. The tutorials don't cover making custom pad shapes though. Please could someone answer my last post.
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    It seems like you have it right. A symbol is very straightforward, just a visual that helps you know what is what, with a pad added so a connection can be made. There are 3 components to making a library part: the symbol, the package, and the device. You create or copy an existing package to represent the copper top and bottom, then you create a device which uses both your symbol and package to create something usable in the schematic. The device allows you to select first the symbol you created or copied, then when you go to the connections area, connect which pad in the symbol you want to the pad in the package.

    I never used their manuals or tutorials, but I am pretty sure there are some helpful tutorials on making library parts, I really suggest you start there first.

    As a side note, rather than asking if something is "right" or not, you'd would get farther by testing your work and posting what problem exists if any, then someone can answer specific issues possibly. The eagle forum is a finicky bunch, persistence helps, and being very specific helps too.
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