Propeller and memory storage?

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Just do some brainstorms for my little personal unmanned R/C helicopter.

Do anyone think it is possible for to use Propeller to reads/writes out of the Hydra SD-Max Storage card to do the coordinates? This is possible best thing it can be done between google earth's coordinates and inputs these waypoints directly to the SD card then load these numerous (coordinates) into propeller chip?



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    Sure, seems to me it would be easiest by tinkering with femtobasic which can already
    read and write FAT files to SD. Maybe it needs oldschool basic file access commands added,
    which are probably already implemented in the fsrw driver. Haven't played with that enough yet
    to say exactly how to do it now.
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    VIRAND- Anything reference about this, link to me up would be helpful. I'm still doing some research since I just started my little project last week. As for right now, I'm just exploring the basic stamp for experiment purpose to avoid damaging the propeller with these such as tri-accelerometer, elec-compass, and GPS receiver. I am down for one more step to find a way to get idea how to get them to reading the coordinate which it could easier for them to do some I/O such as servos.

    If i find a way for them to read/write the coordinate successfully therefore the next step goes to the R/C helicopter with the propeller chips (i think i rather start with the R/C electrical car first to avoid accident)
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    Got any suggestions for me to deal with the between of the Propeller and memory storage? Anyone?
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    VIRAND has the right idea. The Hydra SD memory card is just an adapter for the Hydra. It provides some extra EEPROM space and the connection to the SD card. FemtoBasic already has SD card I/O routines and there's a version compiled for the Hydra. If you want to use the Hydra SD card adapter with some other Propeller setup, it's easy. FemtoBasic's documentation discusses how to connect an SD card to a Propeller. If you download Rokicki's SD card driver, there's a description there of how to connect an SD card.

    Both FemtoBasic and the SD card driver just allow you to open a file in the root directory, then let you read the file byte by byte (or groups of bytes given a byte count and the address of a place to put the data). It's up to you to interpret the information there. A lot depends on how you're creating the data. If you're using someone else's program, you may not have much control of the format of the data. If you're writing the program yourself to write the data files on the SD card, you may be able to format it to make decoding it on the Propeller easier.
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    MikeGreen - I'll keep that to my mind! I'll back to that forums soon, thanks!
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    you think you could stop the anim. It is quite distracting.

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    Till he does, tap [noparse][[/noparse]ESC]

    That avatar really does grab you..


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