Finished Project: PanoCam

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after one and a half years starting from practically zero in programming·I finally·got·my project done.
It's a·panorama head that mounts on a conventional tripod to take series of images by turning and tilting a digital camera.
These images can then be stitched to a full 360x180 degrees panorama globe image.
- Propeller Protoboard
- Three Pushbuttons
- Two motors with encoders
- Dogm Display
- Infrared LED to release the camara shutter

Panorama Head and Inner Guts showing the motors and the protoboard.

My first panorama in eqirectangular projection.

My second panorama in Stereographic projection.

... and I'm only just beginning... :-)
The panoramas are very useful for me as backgrounds and reflection maps for 3D animation, for Panoramic VR Images and Print Publications.

I will·post a full documentation of the project as soon as I have all the drivers cleaned up, after some finishing touches to the panocam and as soon as the wheather gets worse. ;-)

Once more thanks so many times to all the kind people providing help and knowledge on this forum and in the object exchange, especially:
- Jeff Martin for the quadrature encoder
- Tom Doyle for the infrared objects
- DeSilva for writing the dogm driver

And thanks to parallax - this chip really makes dreams come true.



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  • Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi) Posts: 21,771
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    Excellent application! Those photos are quite remarkable. What did you use to stitch the pieces together?


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  • RaymanRayman Posts: 8,459
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    Prop Info and Apps:
  • ClemensClemens Posts: 233
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    Thanks Phil,
    I used Hugin
    an open source project with remarkable possibilities not only for panoramic images but also for "correcting" distortions from wide angle lenses.
  • ColeyColey Posts: 948
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    Excellent work Clemens, well done!


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  • Graham StablerGraham Stabler Posts: 2,507
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    Do you have a link to the dogem display thread?
  • ClemensClemens Posts: 233
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    Thanks Ray, Coley, Graham,

    Here's the dogm thread:

    My·asm driver for the display·is still under construction -·working but ugly.
  • BaggersBaggers Posts: 2,965
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    Nice one Clemens, great images, and yeah I can see what you mean about them being great for reflection maps, etc [noparse]:)[/noparse]


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  • heaterheater Posts: 3,370
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    Wow ! Brilliant piece of work. Let's see some more pics.

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  • sam_sam_samsam_sam_sam Posts: 2,162
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    ························ VERY COOL PROJECT

    ······················· heater >>> Brilliant piece of work ......·
    ··················· Could not have said it any better than that

    ······················ I like the photos that where taken

    ························· I really like this photo

    ····················· My second panorama in Stereographic projection.

    ··Thanks for any·idea.gif·that you may have and all of your time finding them

    Now wanting to learn Spin Thanks for any idea that you may have and all of your time finding them
  • Timothy D. SwieterTimothy D. Swieter Posts: 1,613
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    WOW! Amazing! I love those pictures!

    Tell me more about those motors. Where did you get them? what type are they? That is a nice looking housing too!

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  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 13,370
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    Fantastic Clemens - love the photos !!!
    Makes your efforts worthwhile when you see the results. Well done smile.gif
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  • ClemensClemens Posts: 233
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    Thanks·Timothy, Sam, Heater, Cluso·and Baggers. I'm really moved that you all show up here, I wish I could pay for a round right now.

    I used these motors:
    they are 12V but I only use them on 7.2 V (6 Rechargables) and they are still quite strong at that Voltage.
    I like the fact that they have·encoders already so one thing less to worry about.

    I control them with a L293D H-Bridge and use two counters to pwm them and the quadrature object to read the encoders.
    The encoders have 360 steps per turn and after a lot of trial and error I managed to get the motors·to stop exactly where they are supposed to.
    An extra·gear gives me a theoretical precision of 1/4 degree and I'm very satisfied with the precision and stability of the whole device. (No wonder since·my last prototype was made from Lego! lol.gif·

    First time I saw stereographic projections was "Wee Planets" on Flickr.

    I love this effect too.·The results really look like little planets from some kind of fairytale, I'll keep experimenting...

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  • Paul_HPaul_H Posts: 85
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    What a great looking project Clemens - and that the photos came out so well only adds to your success smile.gif

    I might borrow some knowledge on these motors as I am whiteboarding a tracking antenna system.
    Very well done!

  • novice_the_2ndnovice_the_2nd Posts: 1
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    I am interessted in your project. Is there a more detailed description available?

    Specially I am interested in the mechanical part.
    - Did you use any special bearings?
    - How did you fix the arm for vertically movement?
    - What materials did you use?

    maybe a few more picture would help me a lot wink.gif.

    best regards

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