New Robotics Book!

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New Robotics Book·- Robot Programmer's Bonanza

attachment.php?attachmentid=74130Robot Programmmer's Bonanza is brought to you by authors John Blankenship and Samuel Mishal, the creators of the RobotBASIC programming language and robot simulation software. A common hurdle in robotics programming is integrating the sensor data acqusition and motion control code needed for performing tasks and navigating complex environments. RobotBASIC gives you the freedom to experiment with many types of sensors on a simulated robot, allowing you to rapidly prototype and refine your sensor and control algorithms in a virtual environment before committing your project to hardware.
This book goes beyond the virtual world with a chapter on how to port your simulator-developed programs to real-world robots for control via a microcontroller, PC, or wirelessly with or without the built-in protocol. While RobotBASIC can be adapted to almost any hardware platform, the authors give detailed instructions for modifying our Boe-Bot robot with an EB500 Bluetooth transciever and several Parallax sensors as an example, which is pictured on the cover.

The complete RobotBASIC software is available as a free download from

For more information, or to purchase the book, click on the image above or visit:

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