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New RFID Reader Software· (Free Download)
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This new application created in Visual BASIC 2005 Express allows a Parallax RFID Reader connected to a PC to read tag data. This application has a small form which allows you to select and open the COM Port for the RFID Reader and Enable or Disable reading as necessary. By default the RFID Reader is enabled when the COM Port is opened. Optionally you can trigger a System Beep during each read. The Reader is disabled for 1.5 seconds after a read. This delay is provided to avoid duplicate reads. The Reader is then re-enabled. Once tags are read into the Text Box they can be copied into a database or other application, speeding tag entry. The RFID Reader is connected to the PC using schematics provided here: The
specific schematics are the transistor-based and MAX232 based plans (both use the DTR line for /ENABLE control). For those who wish to use our RFID Reader in PC-based applications we will also be releasing a USB version soon. To download the RFID Reader Software please visit the RFID Reader Module (#28140) product page on
NOTE: The source code and application is free and open-source but is not supported by Parallax Inc.
For those that are interested in modifying or enhancing the application, Visual BASIC Express 2008 can be downloaded free from the Microsoft website at

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