PASD jumps here and there...

nicolad76nicolad76 Posts: 164
edited April 2008 in Propeller 1 Vote Up0Vote Down is only me or PASD (great application!!!) may not jump to the right instruction when executing call #routine ?

What happens is:

1···· mov OUTA, m_DS
2···· call #writebyte
··· <more code here>
30···· move OUTA, m_HC
31···call #writebyte2

······ <some code here>
writebyte_ret ret

······ <some code here>
writebyte2_ret ret

I have seen the by pressing F8 (not F7 nono.gif ) the sequence traced by PASD will be 1-2-30-31-writebyte2

Is it possible something is wrong in my code (which is not exactly the one posted here)?


P.S. .. is this the right place to post this question???tongue.gif


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