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Hero Junior "in parts"

TinkersALotTinkersALot Posts: 535
edited 2010-06-01 13:36 in Robotics
I have a couple of Hero Juniors worth of parts. It is possible that one working unit could be made from combing parts from both of them. If you·know anyone that may be·interested in knowing more about what is available, then send me a private message.


  • hover1hover1 Posts: 1,929
    edited 2010-05-28 01:45
    Sounds like that's right up Robotworkshop's alley. If it were Hero 2000 parts, I'd bite.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,884
    edited 2010-05-28 16:11
    I shudder to think. Depending on your motivations, you can make someone a smokin' deal on the lot in the effort to build one up, or you can scalp the pieces on Ebay. I see people parting those out regularly, which is a shame, but generates more coin for them. I just sold one (sweet & complete) locally last year, so now I'm down to just one each: Hero, Jr, and 2000. Fun to have the complete set, even though they are fairly limited in use.

    I still have to convert my VHS video of my Hero 2000 bartending. It was a pretty cool project. He asks which of 3 drinks you want, and you wave your hand in front of his base sonar to indicate. He grabs a plastic cup off a stack of cups, and as the stack got shorter it knew to go lower for the next cup. Then he would pick up one of 3 mixer bottles (OJ, margarita, or Mai Tai) and pour into the cup, then grab the right liquor (vodka, tequila, or rum) and pour. The BEST part was the ice cube. How do you get a robot to reliably pick up an ice cube? I had several identical plastic ice cube trays, and I made a jig to hold swizzle sticks upright in the freezer as the water froze. Then the robot just knew the X,Y position of the next ice cube in the tray and picked it up by the swizzle stick and dropped it in the cup. Pretty fun, always a crowd pleaser. A bit tedious, though. Took a while. Plan ahead and ask for the drink before you really want it.

    ·"If you build it, they will come."
  • RobotWorkshopRobotWorkshop Posts: 2,307
    edited 2010-06-01 13:36
    PM sent....

  • ercoerco Posts: 19,884
    edited 2018-09-06 20:29
    I took my old Hero Jr out of hibernation and he sprang to life chatting and singing today. His 12V battery was dead so I spliced in two 6V batteries. He can wander around using light, PIR and ultrasonic sensors. Not terribly impressive by today's standards but it was state of the art when I built it in 1987, the last great days of Heathkit. I bought from the Heathkit retail store on Flower Street in Los Angeles.

    Despite the robot's impressive size, it's mostly empty inside, as the video shows. It wouldn't take much hacking to make a blue Scribbler 1 robot match or exceed this Hero's capabilities.

  • I once met one. This was the original Hero design, and walking past him he complained, "Low voltage!". Naturally I told the fellow who showed me the unit, and we promptly arranged for Hero to find his charging array.

    Oddly enough it looked like and sounded like a GRONK unit, that's the ones from the Star Wars places.
  • I have a Hero and Hero Jr. Would love to get my hands on a Hero 2000. Sadly they are hard to come by anymore.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,884
    Roy Eltham wrote: »
    I have a Hero and Hero Jr. Would love to get my hands on a Hero 2000. Sadly they are hard to come by anymore.

    I have one...
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,884
    Not for sale, BTW!
  • I knew that.
  • And I have heard that they are very happy where they are.

    Incidentally this is a sponsored message, and the sponsor is Tiger Teams United Football.

    [Added at the request of my four cats.]
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