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Looking for some info on smart pins etc — Parallax Forums

Looking for some info on smart pins etc

Just received edge P2 looks like a lot of good work . Congrats. Just a couple of questions.
1) Was trying to work through smart pins and was wondering what was going on with “pintoggle()” and “pinwrite()”. There are 4 registers Mode,x,y,z are these written too with the methods (spin2 commands)? Is there some info on what These commands are doing in the background?
2) Some documentation on “debug” stated that Propeller Tool ver 2.5 is required. The Blinky program runs but the serial “Hello” never appears in the PST
Terminal. Does Propeller tool ver 2.4 just ignore any debug commands? The PST objects(jm_format_strings_demo.spin2) seem to be working fine, I would assume debug is using a custom piece of the serial interface. Is debug not in ver 2.4?
3) Propeller P1 manual was extremely well done. Is there a plans for a similar P2 manual. The Manual is a work in progress from what I can ascertain from
The forum and website is there a date to check back for purchasing a copy?


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