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P2 FlexBasic Docs

Reading the latest FlexBasic Docs, I have noticed that mostly everything in there is P1 centric. Will the new Docs be showing, with examples, stuff pertaining to the P2.

For example I was starting to put together a small test program where I want to open up the P2 equivalent of "ser.start(31,30,0,115_200)". In the example it relies on "SerialDriver.spin", will this work in the P2 environment? I already tried "FullDuplexSerial.spin" and that came up with a bunch of errors. At this point I am not even sure as to how to handle "open SendRecvDevice(@telnet.tx, @telnet.rx, @telnet.stop) as #2", for the P2.

Any and all explanations would be appreciated.



  • Cluso99Cluso99 Posts: 17,436
    Jonnymac has a P2 object called jm_fullduplexserial.spin2 which is similar to the old fullduplexserial.spin, plus it has a few nice extras.
  • ersmithersmith Posts: 4,731
    FlexProp comes with a SmartSerial object that works on P2. See samples/hello.spin for how to use it (and how to use #ifdef to make serial code that works on both P2 and P1).
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