Stingray Robot Kit (#28980) and Wheel Encoders



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    Mrs. Doubtfire: "On the way, dearie!"

    Edit: I plan to use the Rodan sensors mentioned at

    I'll only use one sensor per wheel (tach sensor) but you could certainly use two and make a quad encoder, if that floats yer boat...
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    I understand now. Thank you.
  • I hope someone here is still active. I was able to get my hands on the Stingray robot from an old stash in my robotics classroom at my university. I am trying to find an encoder that I could use with the DC motors that came with the Stingray kit. The DC motors are 7.2VDC, 310RPM, and have a 6mm shaft. Is anyone aware of an encoder that is accurate, user-friendly, and maybe has a python library for easy setup?
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    Pololu sells a variety of encoders. They likely have at least one set which would work with your motors.

    I assume the 6mm shaft is the side which connects with the wheel. Is there a smaller shaft coming out the back?

    Edit: I couldn't find a suitable encoder on the Parallax store.
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  • Thanks to both of you. The 6mm is actually the size on the side with the terminals! I have checked out both sites with my team. If it comes down to purchase a DC motor with built-in encoders, then we will have to do just that.
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    The guys over on Odriverobotics are doing some interesting things with hobby motors/encoders. They have even printed nema enclosures for the motors.
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