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I have started maybe 5 years ago or more with a Parallax Boe-Bot. But my current projects are not really related to it.

The last years I worked on a self-driving car, first based on a modified RC car, that was driven by a neural net. However it did not perform reliably, so I experimented with several parameters (of the car, but also to have more prediction time for the NN) in a simulation, which ended up working successfully. Recently, I found a good hardware base (a small size car powered by a jetson-nano), where I could transfer what I learned in the simulation to the "real" world.

I am not sure how active this community is or how welcome such "external" projects are, but I like the overall atmosphere here. (I used to lurk on LMR, but haven't found anything equally active/similarly diverse as there).

As sharing is half the fun of making projects and learning, I thought about sharing this, and maybe some smaller electronics things, later.

I suppose the most fitting category would be "robotics"?


  • maelh wrote: »
    I have started maybe 5 years ago or more with a Parallax Boe-Bot.

    Do you have any of the Boe-Bot parts in your latest robot?

    While I'd like to see your robot in the robotics forum, I can't speak for Parallax. I just hope your post it somewhere. I've you've made comments over at Robot Rebels. That was the first non-Parallax option I thought of. It looks like there's not a lot of activity over there these days.

    What about Hackaday IO? I have a page over there. If you don't feel comfortable posting to the Parallax robotics forum, you could post to Hackaday IO or Robot Rebels and add a link to this this thread.

    I hope you let us know where you end up posting your projects.

    If you get your robot to perform a figure 8, I think it would be fine to post a video of it the figure 8 thread.

  • Thanks for the reply and the suggestions.

    I don't have any Boe-Bot parts in my current robots. It was what I started with, now I make more custom builds.

    I'll post a short summary with video/pictures here next week, until then, maybe two links to blog posts will do?

    For the new fully working autonomous car, I first need to make a video next week when I am back.
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