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  • Is that pbasic from parallax.
  • Yes the basic stamp2 with basic language coding. The PIC is how Parallax started out Stamp1 Stamp2 etc. with the Pbasic compiler
  • It's all based on Microchip PIC series controllers. I'm a fan of the BS2 with its simple basic coding. The Prop1 has ten fold the capabilities and spin is a nice format once you get the hang of it.
    You could figure out the output of the hand pendant with a logic and state analyzer.
  • current program in use is below. I allready have most of the pprograms figured out annd don't want to start ooverr again, sorry bout that.
  • What about the encoder feedback.
  • not using an encoder
  • From what I can see the PWM just drives the UDN2993 H bride to a small gear reduction DC motor. So the PWM is only controlling the dc voltage to the motor, there is no servo feedback like a hobby servo, or a pulse vs. shaft angle like a stepper motor. So I would adjust pulse width to give a linear dc level using my scope. The other option would be to replace the dc motor with a small stepper. This way you would have precise motion control per pulse. Or the encoder option would give you the closed loop control of a servo. JonnyMac pointed that out earlier is not PWM like driving a hobby servo
  • All I really need now is some help with the serial. Do I plug in the serial object and do I need two or just need the one copy for receipt of data from first Flip and to the serial terminal.
  • You need to insert a serial Object in your code. And then in your PUB write, ser.start(26,25,0,9600) 25 and 26 are the Tx,Rx pins and 9600 is the baud. Not sure why you need the serial, are you going to use two flips module, like one for the button control and the other for the motor control. Or do you want to use your serial terminal on your PC. If your going to use serial as an interface port for meade or magellan accy. you have to know their command and comm. format.
  • I tweeteked it just to show format. The keypad is from one of my projects you will have to add that object for it to work
  • As I said before The hand controller generated the high speed slew and direction control for star hopping. the guide scope is responsable for keeping the target in place while photographing, and the hand controller tells the mount flip what to do.
  • I understand the functions the dec motor and ra motor. You asked about Serial. I would do this different, but you seem invested in the filp modules. The prop1flip is more than capable, tens times of what you need.
  • Do I need to download the pst and fdserial libraries to use and if so where do I put them.
  • Yes save it in your library in your propeller tool.
  • Or it may say its missing when you compile it.
  • When using serial you'll have to set up a time out, or run it on its on cog. Or it may hang up waiting on the other serial device to acknowledge.
  • I couldn't get mine to run until I changed the CON to _clkmode=xtall +pll16x (not pll1x)
  • A little bit of bad news but I am not using the Propeller tool but instead am using the propeller IDE which appears to be a little different. I typed in OBJ
    serial : "fdserial" and I get an error message " cannot find file " What to do?
  • So download the propeller tool that's what I use for spin. IDE I use for C
  • propeller IDE, I Believe is for Spin, The simple IDE is for C.
  • Ok then do it your way. My programs work
  • In Propeller IDE, you may need to go into Preferences and specify all of the paths where you keep your spin libraries. Of course, that would mean that you need to know where fdserial.spin is located in your file system. If you do not have a copy of fdserial.spin, you may need to search the forum for it.

  • I looked in the propeller IDE library and did not see fds.spin or fullduplexserial.spin. The library objects all have new filenames rather than the PropellerTool names.

    So here's what I did. I copied the fullduplexserial from the PropTool library and pasted it here.

    Copy it to the propellerIDE library folder.


  • As I stated, you can just specify the directory of the library (the PropTool library in this case) in PropellerTool's Preferences. That way you do not have to copy the library file to PropellerTool's library directory. Else, you end up with multiple copies of files, which is problematic.
  • I am trying to use the propeller tool ver 1.3.2 and I cannot find the preferences or the library, only demos. How do I find the fdserial library to instal.
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    You can go to "Edit" and select "Preferences" or just press F5.
  • I need instruction for installing the fdserial library in my propeller tool ver1.3.2.
  • Seems like fdserial.spin and FullDuplexSerial.spin are the same, though there may be some versioning differences and one may supersede the other. If PropellerTool has FullDuplexSerial.spin as twm47099 noted, try installing that and point PropellerIDE's library directory preference to that!
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