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ESC duty cycle on the ELEV-8 — Parallax Forums

ESC duty cycle on the ELEV-8

jmheneghanjmheneghan Posts: 1
edited 2020-04-30 01:34 in General Discussion
I own an Elev-8 (version 3) drone that I am modifying. I'm using the ESC's that came with the drone. The ESC PWM base frequency is 400 Hz (2500us period). My question concerns the PWM duty cycle range. The standard duty cycle range is 1000us (1ms) to 2000us (2ms).
What duty cycle range does the ELEV-8 actually use? Somewhere, I have seen reference to a range from 700us to 2000us. What are the min and max duty cycles that will work with the ELEV-8 ESC's?


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