reactivating my PropScope - need Hanno's latest software

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I finally made it into my new office/shop and have now TWO desks.

Knowing myself there is just a short time period until it is as cluttered as the previous one. So I need SOON to find a permanent Place for PropScope and PPDB.

The competiton is high for available Desk space, my monitors seem to get bigger since my eye sight is leaving me. So it is quite urgent to get the Scope running or it looses out and goes back to the bin it came from.

I also am in need of one affordable (used?) soldering Microscope thingies like I saw at Parallax. Any tips welcome, I triede to google it but could not find the right word to search for.

Same goes with the USB cables for the Eval boards, those I have (aka PropPlug ones) are to big and I do not know how they are named, to order about 10 of them.

Any advice welcome,

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