Anyone used LCSC ?

@jmg quoted some xtal oscillators from LCSC so I went looking for oscillators and xtals...

I saw these...

Q22FA12800335 C255878 20MHz ±10ppm 10pF SMD-2016_4P SMD Crystal Res
The manufacturers part no on the datasheet it refers to indicates this is a 33.5MHz xtal, not 20MHz

X1G004171002900 C255994 20MHz SMD-2520_4P SMD Osc 1v6-3v6 ~2mA
The manufacturers part no on the datasheet it refers to indicates this is a 29.00MHz osc, not 20MHz

Knowing the substitution problem within the Asian region, I am curious if these are real supplier parts or have been substituted and just point to a legitimate supplier???

So, question is, has anyone used LCSC, and if so, are they a reliable supplier?


  • I ordered some LY68L6400 SPI PSRAM chips from them on a Friday and paid a little extra for express shipping and received the order on the Monday. The website is well laid out for an Asian website and they have datasheets and stock levels etc. It's like a Chinese Mouser.
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    I've placed multiple orders into 1000's pcs with no issues, but you do need to check the info/images as they are Chinese, so likely not many there can read Engilsh info.
    I've found all Disti web sites have 'information creep', even Digikey...

    lcsc do respond to questions, so I'd suggest you query them.
    I've found their photos are generally of the product (as Chinese speakers can check those ).

    I try to keep to parts with explicit data sheets, and/or part numbers that fully decode on the vendors web-site.
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