Line Follower Sensor Plus

5-channel IR line sensor plus front (?) IR proximity sensor plus bump switch in one package for about $3.15 USD shipped (Oh, plus tax now!). Might need a bit of rework since the front IR sensors hit the wall before the microswitch. :) But an interesting little sensor array, all wired up to a convenient connector.

I for one, would love to see a Boebot/Activity bot with high speed servos do impressive speeds on a line following course. It would take a sensor like this to do so.

BTW, there are those who consider line-following as the "holy grail" of robotics: , about a quarter way down the page.


  • Looks like 4 down looking and one front facing. I'd give up front facing for another down facing, since you already have the micro switch.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,798
    By golly you're right, Jim! I need my morning coffee before posting. Good call, thanks!
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