Basic Stamp Microprocessor programming help!!

I am working on a project with the circuit of a parallax boebot, I am trying to figure out how to program the microprocessor to turn on when it gets turned on from a 555 timer and turn off when it's not getting a signal. Im not sure of where to start with the program


  • By turn on and turn off do you mean to actually turn on/off the power to the to the microcontroller, or do you mean to have it stop running the program when it is not getting the signal?
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  • blackout123,

    Rarely are microcontrollers turned on and off, and using a signal to control a microcontroller is very common.

    What are your signal rates and what do you need done during that time?

    Also are you using a BS2 or another microcontroller?
  • I use both methods with a BS2. One of the best features of the BS2's is that the processor will automatically boot and run the current program when power is applied. This works perfectly after power is restored as a result of a utility power outage. The program can easily be stopped at any time by an input signal. I also use the BS2 to drive stepper motors to raise and lower windows by detecting the voltage from a reversing switch thus the microcontroller gets turned on and off every time the windows are raised or lowered.


  • You could leave the stamp2 running. And when a pin senses a high from the 555 timer it exacutes a sub-routine.
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