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Borrow ideas from BeagleBone Black? — Parallax Forums

Borrow ideas from BeagleBone Black?

RaymanRayman Posts: 11,828
edited 2019-09-16 19:26 in Propeller 2
Was looking at BeagleBone Black and am thinking about borrowing some ideas from it...

The layout is kinda like a bigger P2D2 but with eMMC and RAM onboard and some other things too...
It's interesting how they bring out the eMMC pins to the header...

I like their power supply chip. Looks like TI designs special chips for each of their processors.
But, I found a generic looking one with 8 programmable LDOs on it:

Anyway, something like this with HyperRam instead of DDR3 might be nice...

Looking around, I think this PMIC might be better: MAX77714


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