Alternative to RF Digital keybob and xceiver?

I was using a single button remote with a receiver module that was a very simple way to trigger an input on a Prop with good range ie up to 30'. RFdigital was sold and I can't easily find the parts at a quick search. Does anyone have a go-to 1/2/3 button FOB and receiver option that is plug and play with minimal effort ie no PCB fabrication? I was previously powering the RF board with 5V off the main Prop board, and the device output 3v3 to the Prop inputs. So this would be nice to replicate.


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    This looks like it will work well.
  • Adafruit has a 4 button 315 MHz fob $6.95. Rx module $4.95. You can get a 4 button fob and Rx module with 4 relays on Ebay $7.35 for the pair China.
  • And Adafruit sells multiple button versions.

    The key here is to find the right combination of both that works.

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  • On a similar note I was wondering if there exists a remote that sends a unique number. I have a project in mind that would have 1 receiver with multiple 1 or 2 button remotes that are each unique so they can be identified.
  • Don M I had that exact problem a few years ago and came up with nothing except the X-10 home automation system, for which there is an RF receiver available (somewhat pricey) which will receive all the home codes and output them to a serial port. This didn't work too well in practice because the batteries kept dying and the fobs would lose their programming when that happened. I finally ended up rolling my own with ESP8266 modules. (Fortunately these were vehicle mounted so the remotes could be powered by the vehicle electrical system.)
  • Maybe overkill but if you look into the Nordic nRF24L01 chip you can send anything you want to a single receiver. Numbers, data. You have to have a micro connected to it on Each end. I used the Prop to send data on one end and a prop to read it on the other end. very cool method of wireless data.
  • What I am looking to do is operate a garage door opener with multiple remotes. Each remote would send a unique identifier (number) and that number would be compared to a list. Each person would be assigned a specific remote. So I can see who opened and closed the door.
  • I don’t know a remote/receiver that would allow that. But if you want to build your own remote and receiver using a Prop + Nordic RF chip on each end then that would be simple.
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