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Where can I learn more about the cyber:bot — Parallax Forums

Where can I learn more about the cyber:bot

The micro:bit is a tremendous value and a wonderful board. I can't wait to have one of the cyber:bots. Is there more info available at this time?


  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,159
    edited 2019-01-05 03:56
    @"George Sutton" - If you can make this webinar - You should get the absolute latest info.

    I hope to "see" you there. By the way, if you can't make it - these are usually recorded and you can watch it later.
  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,159
    From the link above...

    Title: cyber:bot for micro:bit Preview Webinar!
    Event Presenter: Parallax Inc.
    Event Date: Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm
    Event Link: cyber:bot for micro:bit Preview Webinar!
    Event Location: Webinar
    Register Now

    This is your opportunity to see the cyber:bot hardware in action! Learn about the Python programming tutorials Parallax is developing in collaboration with the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center. The cyber:bot extends the popular BBC micro:bit to provide real-time I/O control to include our most popular robotic circuits including:

    Real-time control of motors with direction and speed;
    Whiskers as a simple touch-sensor for object avoidance;
    Photoresistors for light following and avoidance;
    Infrared sensors for wireless object detection; and
    Line sensors for following black electrical tape.

    We will share the Python programming environment, release schedule, instructional tools and the robot hardware. This is an interactive webinar where you can ask questions, make comments and suggestions, and even have the opportunity to win a cyber:bot, just by attending! Educators, students and micro:bit users are encouraged to attend.

    Webinar is at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.
  • Certainly take Whit's advice, above. There's more coming on the Parallax Insider News, next week.

    Ken Gracey
  • Thank you, Whit and Ken. I will visit the webinar and stay tuned for more News!
  • Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 7,253
    edited 2019-01-05 22:32
    George, here's a quick look while you wait for more details.
  • Thank you as always for your support!
  • Is there a location where the cyber:bot is being discussed, such as code updates, suggestions, issues and such?
  • Whit wrote: »

    Yeah, I have all that and have a cyber:bot up and running as well as have used it in a recent Table Top Challenge. However, since I do not see much traffic here regarding suggestions or reporting issues related to the cyber:bot, and I see no reference on the links you posted outside of perhaps this discussion board or the feedback email, I was interested in knowing where one would post something regarding the cyber:bot usage.


  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,159
    @JonM - Do you use Facebook? @Parallaxinc
  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,159
    @JonM - Do you use Facebook. If so, you might want to follow Parallax Inc and NICERC.
  • I do have a Fakebook, but do not use it much these these and really do not see it as a means to discuss technical topics. I guess I was thinking that the Parallax Forums would be a place to discuss Parallax products, but I suppose I am mistaken.

  • VonSzarvasVonSzarvas Posts: 2,360
    edited 2019-04-24 17:27
    JonM wrote: »
    [I was interested in knowing where one would post something regarding the cyber:bot usage.



    Hi Jon,

    Feel free to post questions about cyber:bot in either General Discussion, or Robotics, as you feel best suits your questions.

    As @Whit shared, those external groups are good places to catch ideas or information from other cyber:bot users who happen to prefer those media for their chats.

    That doesn't preclude anyone posting questions here of course. If there is not much cyber:bot traffic yet, that's probably because it's still relatively new. You may be the first to post a question here, but please don't let that stop you!

    Hot news... I just saw a new learn article for cyber:bot this morning:
  • @VonSzarvas and @Whit,

    Thank your for links and for the suggestions. I hear a quote from "Field of Dreams" echoing in me noggin.

    One note, the NICERC page just references back to the Parallax cyber:bot Learn page and does not have any content at this time for the cyber:bot outside of the one Assembly Video and an unboxing vid on their YouTube channel.
    This is what is referenced on the NICERC page.
  • Once I get the money to obtain the cyber:bot you will see me here so don't give up yet!
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