SMD prototype board idea

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When you want to create a simple R/C or 100K Pull-up etc on a GPIO, development boards that allow are through hole.

Here is my idea of mix-and-match 0805 anyway you like, be default there is 20ohm in series.
The pads are slight longer so you can get in there with an iron.

Bottom pads share the center pad, due to size constraint.

But you could still fit in both parts,
like both 10K pull-up and 10K pull-down and replace the 20ohm series resistor with 1uF cap, for centered ac coupled input.

Could see that you get 20 of each: 4 values of resistors and 4 values caps with board.

P.S Don't you hate that development boards can't do something heavy duty, this board comes with dual dc motor/or single stepper driver IC.


  • Yeah that's neat, Tony. Very compact. Took a bit of tracing through to work through what you'd done.

    Its kind of like a bias wonderland...
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