EMICS 2 Questions

I recently purchased the EMIC 2 but am having problems grasping a few things. When I read the tech stuff I didn't see any answers and what I found on the web was basically useless.

First - it needs a wall wort to power it, 5V if memory serves. However I do not find any information on the size of the barrel jack, or if a specific amperage is needed. If the amps doesn't matter than finding a 5V power source is easy, however to many amps will melt a board, wire, component, or worse, start a fire. Once the magic smoke is out, you can't put it back.

Second - how do you power a speaker? Little buzzer speakers are basically pointless, but I can't find anything about how to drive a larger speaker. It wouldn't be hard to run something to a transistor and power larger speakers, but then how does the line signal make it to the speakers?

Third - What about hooking it to a Propeller? How do you do that? Is there any reason why I can't just have a pin on the Prop activate the EMIC?


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