Lots of SX Items

I was cleaning up my shop and found a ton of SX stuff. It's on ebay if anyone is interested

1-professional development board
1-SX Tech board
2-SX28 proto board
6-SX48 proto board
4- Serial SX-Key
1-USB SX-Key
2-SX Blitz
1-SX Con carne



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  • I bought this package, my main interest being the chips that I will use to keep the Stache and a couple of other custom products alive. I'll make some of the items that I don't need available here or on ebay, to try to recoup part of the cost. Let me know if you see something you need!

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    Do you need all of the SX28 DIP chips? How much would you want for them?
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    I though the Stache was based on the SX18. Did you upgrade to a SX20 as I did not see any SX18's in the list.?
    Infernal Machine
  • I won't need the DIP SX28s. We can work something out in pm, Dave. I'm heading out on a camping trip shortly for a long weekend, so don't be concerned if you don't hear from me right away!

    About the Stache, yes, the original design used the SX18, but fairly early on I plucked the SX20/SS down in that spot. More recently, when the supply was drying up, it got a version with the SX28/SS. Those changes were quite minor in the pcb layout and firmware. We thought about reworking it for the SX48, but decided it was diminishing returns, despite the 77 cent price tag from Parallax. But the little beast keeps chugging along. We are making batches on demand.
  • Do you have a list of the parts you have available to sell?
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