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Micro Tank Chassis $5

ercoerco Posts: 19,860
edited 2018-06-22 01:06 in Robotics
I know there are some other tread lovers here... I first mentioned these mini line follower vehicles (random mix of tanks and construction vehicles) somewhere in my $4 kit line follower kit thread, but today I gutted one and the innards are nice and hack worthy, so IMHO it needs it own thread. Cute as a button cell (powered by 4x of those), there are 2 independent drive trains and beautiful rubber treads. The treads are 2" long installed. A shame my project requires that I gut the cute little PCB with 3mm IR LEDs & phototransistors. The line follower works great, BTW. But someone needs to make a neat little Propeller or Stamp robot from this tiny chassis. Amanda?

BTW a black magic marker is included with these "INDUCTIVE" :) brand line followers. The yellow construction vehicle included the 4 watch batteries but the tank didn't.



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